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Pattex No More Nails Construction Adhesive (250g)


Pattex No More Nails Construction Adhesive (250g)
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Feature and Benefits
• Pattex No More Nails: Plastic dispersion, water based.
• Can be applied to wooden plates, door frames, wallcoverings made of woodchip, plaster, cardboard, pvc and cork plates.
• Decorative plates and elements made of polystyrene, polyurethane rigid-foam and gypsum.
• Sound insulation and fibre boards, PVC cable and ventilation connections.  
Health and safety precautions
Pattex No More Nails-No harmful effects are to be expected if the product is handled and used properly.  
Before using the product please see related material safety data sheet that is available on request.  
Store cool, dry and unopened, up to 18 months. Store away from heat, flame, and spark in a cool area. Because the product contains water, it is best stored above freezing. Once opened, be sure to recap, use entire cartridge shortly after opening.  

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