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A Shak Plaster Key - White (1L)


A Shak Plaster Key - White (1L)
Builders Warehouse Gaborone Change store



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38  In stock

38  In stock


Feature and Benefits
• Improves non-structural bond of cement and gypsum plasters.
• No more hacking and chipping of smooth surfaces.
• Bonds to sound PVA surfaces.
• Easy to use.  
Health and safety precautions
Use gloves and eye protection at all times. Should the product come into contact with eyes, wash immediately and seek medical advice  
Handling PLASTERKEY should be handled in accordance with good industrial safety and hygiene practices. Small levels of volatile organic compounds may accumulate in the head space of containers which should be opened in ventilated surroundings.  
Storage containers should be well sealed to prevent evaporation of water and the formation of skin on the surface. The emulsion should be stored under cover and at a temperature above freezing. A storage period of not more than 12 months under these conditions is recommended.  

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